Decades ago, bottles and buoys were made of glass and metal. Today, plastic has become the norm for many household items, clothing and even art. Though efficient, plastic can wreak havoc on our environment and in turn, our health and well-being. 

This series of ceramics reverses the tide and instead transforms drift plastic and other cast-off items from the sea back into sustainable pieces made of clay. 

Each piece, individually crafted by hand, tells the story of a weary item pulled from the coast of Taiwan, resurrected into clay form, then woodfired in an anagama kiln for 3-4 days. 

The fiery temperatures reach 1300°, and ash from the wood is deposited onto the piece, creating a pattern as unique as a fingerprint. 

Thus, the plastic refuse of the oceans are symbolically purified through the clay and fire process, providing a daily reminder of the importance of earthly awareness in our daily lives.